I’m working on something about this book. (Logotype original design by RJ)

I’m tuning in to Mila’s “evolution.”

God! I’m 19! I’m growing older every minute and I hate it. Well, my 

birthday is awesome, here’s why: there’s a storm, it’s raining really 

hard that’s why the streets are flooded and no ray of sunshine is 

visible, we had an examination today in politics class—which I really 

really hate. It’s really hard, lots of essays and identification and 

other s**t about this ongoing war in one of our regions—it’s really 

really bad, though. Also, there’s a brownout and I can’t find any Wi-

Fi hot-spots. And this past few weeks, I’ve been uninspired and no 

idea what to design—the poster above is proof—so please forgive me 

for not posting anything new and I think it’s going to continue on. 

Later, it’s our thesis class and our Adviser really gives me the 

chills and I have no idea how I’m going to defend my proposal! And my 

classmate—our intrams facilitator—is giving me her plastic smile to 

convince me to join Scrabble to represent our class and I really hate 

contests and crowds! Plus, she won’t stop about it which is so 

unnerving and I really hate her since the beginning of my College 

days! And every time it’s my birthday, I always remember how the whole 

nation hated this day, because 21st is the Martial Law Day. So far, 

this is the best birthday ever, might as well hang myself and get it 

over with. I’m joking (no I’m not).

Work B**ch

Britney Army: it’s out, b**ches!!!!! The Queen just rocked my world! Say what, Applause Applesauce?

Holy smokes! We—the Britney Army—are so excited for our Queens new single coming next week. I’m so excited I cant sleep, add to that the surprise at seeing this. Now, Britney Army, lets go kill some monsters!

To all my fellow Azaleans: Iggy’s new single and video is mind-blowing and life-changing. Definitely, one of her bests.

To all the Shuck-faces, Greenies and members of the Dashner Army out there.

Yes! My UTNS 3logy posters are complete! Did this one in less than 40 mins. This is inspired by Aria’s words: “It’s at sea,” from Through the Ever Night. 

Well, this is embarassing. I redesigned my THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT poster after realizing one thing. Big thanks to my dear friend CJ for recommending the books to me in the first place (even though he hadn’t read it yet) and for correcting me that there should be no stars in the posters. How did I ever forget that? This one has no stars and I added my own version of the Aether. 

TMR Alert!

I’m working on new stuff for THE MAZE RUNNER, I’m using all my possible skills on this one. I hope y’all like it when it comes out.